Building Project

This year we will begin constructing a new commons area. With our limited foyer space there is no place for people to gather and fellowship between services. Our small foyer is often overcrowded, making it intimidating for people entering our church for the first time.

One of our objectives in our mission statement is to foster a sense of community in our church body. This expansion project will help us accomplish that objective. A commons area would also accomplish for us much more than just a foyer expansion, it would also provide us an area for:

  • Meals for groups up to 60 people
  • An expanded fellowship hall for large groups when opened up to the sanctuary
  • Overflow for special services such as: weddings, funerals, etc.
  • Parents to take their children that would still enable them to participate in the worship service
  • People to visit, have coffee before and after the worship services
  • Small groups, such as Bible studies, etc.

This addition would truly serve multiple and varied purposes. Plans are currently being drawn up for the expansion as well as for the new parking lot. Come back to this page at a later date for updates as the project progresses.